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Gaining local customers’ attention is essential for any business. 46% of searches now have local intent, meaning that almost half of online shoppers want to spend money locally.

Showing up in these search results requires a balance between mastering Google My Business and search engine optimisation (SEO) expertise: this is where SEO NI step in.

Aside from ensuring your page ranks for location-based searches, SEO NI local SEO services can make your page rank for terms that don’t include a location as well. With expertise in delivering consistent NAPs, citations, Google My Business and managing relevant backlinks, our SEO agency allows your page to rank locally for the broadest of search terms.


Have a Local SEO project you’d like our help with?

Our strategy includes a few key points, each with the goal of improving your visibility locally:
Google My Business
Keyword Audit
Link Building
Great Content

Put Your Business On The Map. Local SEO Services

Local SEO is about communicating the local relevance of your web pages to search engines. As a local SEO company, we utilise various tools, techniques and strategies to improve your local presence online.

Some examples of our services include local link building, local citations, Website optimisation and claiming your ‘Google My Business’.

Here at SEO NI, a leading local SEO Agency of local SEO experts will create a bespoke results-driven strategy to improve your SEO and help to boost your conversions. Ultimately, our Local SEO services London businesses need are designed to drive qualified website traffic and leads to your business.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is an effective way to market your business online, as it helps you to promote your goods and services to local customers exactly when they are looking for them. For example, you may have found this website by searching for ‘Local SEO Belfast’ or ‘Local SEO services Belfast’ or ‘Local SEO services Northern Ireland’.

It is essential, as millions of customers use local search every day to find the best businesses that offer the goods and services they are looking for.

Mastering Google My Business

With SEO NI’s local SEO experts, we use Google My Business to build your brand’s online consistency and visibility. We know how to create the perfect first impression on a search and ensure your contact details, reviews and posts can easily be crawled by Google. We know how to properly read the tool’s insights to ensure your business reacts to the changing online market in a way that makes sense.

Optimising for Google My Business puts you in front of the queue in this lucrative arms race, so don’t skimp out on it. Google My Business isn’t a static entity; it’s constantly evolving. What was previously simple business information has matured into a hub of helpful knowledge, from menus to allergy information to blog posts. Keeping this managed and well-optimised pays volumes in SERPs rankings while also helping your users’ experience.

Local SEO Strategy – Website Optimisation

Optimising your website around local SEO means ensuring it accurately represents and communicates its local profile. Using local keyword research, we can help your site become visible in searches with local terms and provide essential information such as your address and contact details are properly visible.

By optimising your website, our buddies at Google can ensure the search engine recognises your location on Google maps, connecting you with those who matter: your customers.

Local SEO Strategy – Link Building

Local search engine optimisation involves building up local links as the building blocks of your business’s foundation. Like word-of-mouth, you want people to link to and discuss your website online. As a local SEO agency, our local SEO services can help find avenues and opportunities for local links, prioritising quality over quantity.

Our nationwide contacts can help drive local links anywhere, helping to fortify any domain. We only offer transparent links while creating and augmenting content that will make you locally popular in organic searches and links.

With SEO NI as your Local SEO agency, you will get:

A Northern Ireland Local SEO agency that does things correctly, ensuring long-term success. Other SEO agencies are keen to keep their Local SEO secrets to themselves. We love to shout about our Local SEO service results and share info with you, our clients. It’s in our blood to educate as well as innovate.

Our Local SEO Services Include

Schema Markup for local signals

With the help of the schema, the search engines learn who you are, where you are and what products or services you offer. Here at SEO NI we offer a full review and implementation service regarding the Schema markup code.

Local Backlink Building & Local Outreach

Backlinks have always played a part in search engine optimisation. Local SEO is no different. Local listings in trusted media outlets are a great way to let Google understand where you are. SEO NI’s professional digital PR & outreach services will get your name in the places that count.

Local keyword research

Local SEO means covering the right topics, including the right keywords, and creating the right content that matches the search intent. We undertake detailed keyword research that covers all areas of your potential customer base. We undertake keyword research, so your local SEO fully reaches your target audience. It’s not just adding a location at the end of a search. We understand that search results can be influenced by a user’s location, even if they are not adding their desired location to the search term. We will track your keywords using industry-leading tracking software that can be set up to monitor your keywords in multiple locations and notify you of localised terms.

Content optimisation

On site signals are vital for high local rankings. Google needs to know exactly where your business is located to its users. Our local SEO services will ensure your business details and locations are fully understood by Google, so you are relevant to your local customers. This can range from ensuring your NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number) is included on site and matching those in business directories and GMB listings. We will review your site as a whole and optimise all your website’s location pages.

What is local SEO vs. SEO?

SEO focuses on your site’s rankings, usually on a global or national scale. The goal is to get your site seen for keywords in various regions. Local SEO focuses on only certain smaller areas like cities and counties to get more localised traffic and rankings.

What is local SEO service?

Local SEO service is custom-tailored to your business and location to improve your local SEO. These services boost your rankings for the “near/by me” searches your potential customers are searching for. SEO NI provides local SEO services to the UK, and global businesses must succeed.

How can I improve my local SEO ranking?

You can improve your local SEO ranking by bringing in local SEO experts. You will have someone by your side to enhance your keywords based on voice search and localised searches and your GMB profile (and other site edits) to make you more visible on a local level.

What is the Difference Between SEO and Local SEO?

The main difference between general organic SEO and local SEO is that local SEO has a geographical component. 
If a user searches for an industry/service/product + location, the search engine – whether Google, Bing, Yahoo or even Facebook – knows that the search has local intent. And all search engines want is to give the user exactly what they’re searching for. A local business that has implemented local SEO specifically will almost always show up ahead of one that has not.

Why Do We Need Local SEO?

local SEO strategy is essential for small, local businesses. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is important to increase traffic, attract customers, and make your business known.

What are Local Citations?

Do you remember the Yellow Pages? That big thick book that used to be delivered to homes and businesses in countries all over the world? They are still around, but in much smaller numbers, and most people either throw them out if they do receive one (or use it as a doorstop or something similar)
Why? Because people use the web to find what they are looking for these days. And the web uses Local SEO citations to help deliver that information to them. In a nutshell, a local SEO citation or local business citation (the two are essentially the same thing) is any listing that contains (at a minimum) a business name, address and phone number. Google and other search engines rely heavily on what are known as citation sites to find local businesses to include in their results. 
Directories and citation sites scrape business information from the web – in mass quantities. They then pull business info into their database and share it with the world. Google My Business, Yelp, Foursquare, Trustpilot, Merchant Circle, and CitySearch are examples of citation sites. And those are just a few of the big ones; there are many more.

How Many Searches on Google are Local?

That depends, of course, upon where your business is located. But, as of July 2018, 46% of all searches on Google seek local information (according to Big G themselves). That’s nearly half, another indication of how important local SEO is.

What Do Reputable Local SEO Agencies Do Differently?

Follow “white hat” tactics approved by search engine webmaster guidelines so your listing isn’t in danger of disappearing from results altogether.

Do I Really Need to Hire Someone to Do My Local SEO?

If learning about SEO and local SEO makes your head spin, outsource it. You pay an accountant to handle your books, so pay an SEO agency to handle that side of your business.

How Long Do I Need Local SEO Services For?

SEO – and local SEO – is an ongoing process. Search engines continually change their algorithms – Google makes up to 80 small weekly changes – so keeping up is a must. You may need fewer hours, though, as time goes on and your SERPs positioning improves.

Can You Do Local SEO Without a Website?

Not nearly as well, though it is possible to create and claim a Google My Business page for free. Those can show up in the map 3-pack if the competition isn’t too fierce for your local industry, but it’s a challenging feat to pull off. Why not see our Google My Business Guide to see how you get on.

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