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Every website owner wants to grab all of the visitors of search engines instead of a few people. Still, it is essential to know for them that to reach the last floor, we need to start from the ground. In the same way, area pages improve organic rankings for local searches when added to a website with a view to an increased number of visitors.

Do you want to know how Area pages contributed to grabbing more organic rankings for local searches? Here is a case study of how SEO NI improved the organic ranking of a cargo website by just adding service area pages. The experiment became a captivating tool to attract many visitors and eventually increased the acquisition of impressions and services.

Before plunging into the whole case, let’s briefly discuss Area Pages’ importance on any website.

Are Area Pages a Match-Winning tool for a website?

Depending upon your services, the ‘Area pages’ can help improve the website’s ranking spontaneously. People search for services available in the region close to their homes. Even Google and other search engines probe into the location of the operators and bring them the results based on the locality from where they are searching. Therefore, it has become crucial to add service area pages to make your website more vigilant by acquiring more and more traffic.

Area Pages are self-governing pages on a website that targets a particular geographical covered market. These pages are ‘merely’ extra content, and more content generates more traffic. But if the page is designed well, it can affect getting an improved number of your customers. Suppose your company brings out positive reviews on Facebook and Trustpilot etc. You can also use area pages to knock off a rival’s business in SERPs. That’s a given.

The Case Study of Our Cargo Website

A couple of years back, we helped develop a cargo website providing freight services to the UK & Europe from all over Ireland. However, we didn’t add particular areas or service area pages to the website. Be that as it may, its well-structured design and SEO started to make the site’s ranking go high but at a snail’s pace. Our marketing team then decided to diagnose the reason behind this slow pace that could have taken ages to make the website visible on the first page of search engine results.

Identification of The Need to Add Area Pages and its Implementation

We soon realised that the slow pace of traffic to our website was the need for a vigilant service description to the people in a particular locality. We analysed the contemporary trends and keywords and eventually learned that most of the searches are made by referring to a specific area and locality.

To cater for this, we made a list of the most searched areas from PPC search terms and added specific pages to cater for searches with those particular area names. For instance, Cargo to Birmingham from Galway, cargo to Barcelona from Lurgan, Belfast, Sligo, Galway, Cork, etc. This strategy started to work and brought a pleasant surprise by bringing more organic traffic to our website. The results were countless.

Amplified Organic Search Traffic

The results were appealing. The traffic, which was less than a thousand visitors formerly at once, raised to 7 times in just a few months. Meanwhile, within a year, the website went on moving higher and higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) until it became one of the first three results of Google search results in search terms that didn’t even include area pages, e.g.’ cargo to Ireland’, ‘send a car to Ireland’, ‘send a TV to Ireland’ etc. Whoa! That was a silver bullet of which we were unaware.

Not only this but there was also an increased rate of service acquisition that generated a considerable amount of revenue for the business. The website became the mouthpiece of most people sending cargo from any city in Ireland to the UK.

An increase in the Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Evaluating our site and removing those hurdles which prevent visitors from fully exploring the site helped us in improving CTR. When we added the Area pages, we provided short descriptions that clarified the purpose to the audience and made it convenient for them to know precisely what services are provided and how they would acquire those services.

This resulted in an increase in the Click-through rate, which consequently increased the Pay-Per-Click score due to ad relevancy. If we had targeted the wrong audience, we would never be able to improve our CTR score. We would have become prey to expensive conversion. We designed creative ads and kept testing them until we found the one that brought more and more clicks.

Increased Conversion Rate

We also noticed that due to the addition of Area Pages, many people signed up and made our services available on the website. The area improved our conversion rate from 16% to 25%. This has counted a lot for us all. In addition, due to the increased conversion rate, our clients were able to reach out to more and more customers.

Addition of Images To Boost the Website

Something else that we attempted was the addition of the images. For instance, if it is an Area page of Dublin, then the beautiful landmarks of Dublin are placed there. We got a positive response in this regard, just catering to the latest need of fascinating users’ attention. It has given a significant boost to the website too. This feature enabled our website to become more convenient to use than it was before. These picalloweded the users to choose the territory without perusing all the making, making our site user-friendly.

These undertakings helped us in different ways, and we can do the same for you as well. For instance, the addition of area pages to the site can result in an increased rate of organic traffic. It also assists you in attracting users to a greater extent. Area Pages, in one way, drive many local customers to your website, which consequently changes the impulses into deals. These pages help you measure the output of your site and increase search ranking.

Must-Follow Things For Area Pages

According to our observation and experimentation, the following are some of the nitty-gritty that must be followed in developing the area pages.

Use of attractive and Unique Keywords

Keywords are the base for users to find your website easily. Therefore, you must use such significant Keywords which add value to your content. You are not required to use keywords over and over again all the way through the content. However, the logical use of Keywords is very vital. For that reason, you can get help from online keyword tools and analysers.

Introducing Your Services on Social Pages Due to an increased number of social media users, the need to advertise your service is now one of the most important things to do. For instance, when a person using Facebook, Instagram, or any other social site, views your catchy services, he instantly goes to check what it is. If your services satisfy him, the impulses will gradually convert to sales. Thus the organic traffic will increase, resulting in the high rank of your entire website.

Locate Your Store Through Maps

The use of a Map is underestimated, but it can have a severe impact on your area pages. Customers can locate your store with the help of maps provided for the particular city.

Maps help consumers a great deal to approach your services in their area and boast an increased increase in this digital age. Definitely, when the customers are provided with ease and comfort, your website will attract them in a large number, and eventually, the ranking of your website increases.

Keep a Close Eye on ease of use of Webpages

Keep analysing traffic on your website’s area pages using the Google Analytics platform. It is a must-do to ensure that your website is still hitting the nail on the head, i.e. addressing the appropriate customers.

You are required to continuously monitor the traffic on the area pages of your website. For this, you can get help from the Google Analytics Platform. It is an absolute necessity to do so to make sure it sure that your site is giving more than the buck, i.e., catching more attraction of the appropriate users.


To run and market a website is more challenging than pie, but on the off chance you do it right, it definitely is. Although numerous things matter in enhancing your site’s quality on the web indexes, the area pages play a significant role in addressing the appropriate customer at the opportune time in a proper way. If you want to upgrade your business and enhance the reach and ranking of your website, make sure there are Area pages on your website.