Are SEO Companies Worth The Money?

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Are SEO Companies Worth The Money?

39 per cent of global eCommerce traffic comes from searches about relevant keywords. 61 per cent of marketers have cited SEO as being a priority. 41 per cent of the advertising budget is spent on online marketing by most firms.

These statistics illustrate one thing- SEO is essential. This comes as no surprise. After all, we live in a highly digitalized world. We interact more with digital media than we do with conventional advertising vehicles. Rather than having information fed to us via commercials or billboards, customers now take a proactive role in ensuring brand awareness and satisfying their needs. They do so by searching for relevant companies and services on their own.

Therefore, marketers all over the world are investing in SEO. You will find quite a several SEO companies operating. The question arises, are these companies worth the money?

What does SEO do for your business, and why is it worth it?

You see a lot of companies using SEO companies and investing in optimizing their search engine presence. You might wonder why they do so. Well, SEO can help in boosting the bottom line of a company.

High Conversion Rates

While it may not be a direct factor in increasing sales, it is a solid indirect factor. If you rank high on a search engine, the visibility of your website increases. This, in turn, increases traffic to your site, which enhances the probability of a high conversion rate and sales turnover.

Increased Organic Traffic

SEO services delivered by a quality SEO company can drive organic traffic to your platform. It does so by providing valuable user experience, conducting content marketing, and helping your site get a high SERP. User experience is improved by improving website structure, code, and speed.

Organic vs Paid Traffic

There are other ways to get traffic, yes. In fact, paid traffic boosts the volume of visitors at a faster rate than organic SEO. It also helps in improving the speed of your site quickly. But, paid traffic is only easy to retain with continual investing. When you stop your PPC campaign, you will see a drastic drop in your revenue. This is not the case with SEO. Here, the website itself is improved to increase its credibility and structure. The results might be slow, but they are sustainable. This is what makes SEO worth it.

Delivering Quality Visitors

Ad blindness is now a growing trend. Most people now use ad blockers. Even if they don’t, they are highly distrustful of ads. Even if your company has a paid advertisement appearing in the search engine, over 70 per cent of people will scroll just right past it. They will instead use their own judgment to opt for organic sites instead. This is why you will likely get serious and high-quality visitors through SEO.

Why Invest in an SEO Company?

Not only is SEO worth the money and effort, but you must also invest in an SEO company to offer these services to you.

Here is why.

Algorithms Keep Changing

Google keeps updating and launching new algorithms. SEO is dynamic. Your website might be optimized today, but a new algorithm can come. You will have to alter your SEO strategy accordingly. There are over hundreds of algorithm changes in Google alone. You need an SEO company invested solely in SEO to ensure that your website keeps up with the changing SEO. Rather than trying to do it all yourself, it is worth the money to get a dedicated team to take care of your online presence.

SEO Companies Have the Required Expertise

SEO is more than just aligning your site to a bunch of algorithms. It is a strategy that involves a lot of effort. For instance, search engines rank websites high that deliver a valuable and convenient user experience. This doesn’t just translate to how beneficial your product is for the customers. Instead, load time, site structure, design and content within the platform are all user experience indicators. SEO companies spend their time perfecting these elements and various other factors. This is an expertise that your company might not have. After all, the world now works because of specialization. We are sure you are much better at delivering your product or service than taking care of your SEO needs.

They Have Dedicated Resources

Whether it be human capital, required tools or technology, SEO companies are likely to have committed resources for SEO. Remember, this is the only service that they provide. Therefore, they will have all the latest resources needed to deliver quality SEO services. This alone makes them worth the money.

It is Worth the Investment, Not the Money

One of the biggest reasons businesses even question SEO companies and whether they should avail their services is because they treat SEO as a cost. A cost that needs to be managed. There are better approaches to take. In fact, SEO yields result slowly. For a myopic business, this might mean that it is not worth the money. However, it helps drive organic traffic and establish your business’s credibility in the long run. For a far-sighted business, this means that SEO is worth the investment. Treat it as such rather than as an expense.


SEO is worth it, and SEO companies are worth it. Especially in today’s world, the number of websites is increasing with every second. We live at times when we must be present in the right place and at the right time. And SEO guarantees this.

Make sure to invest in a quality SEO company. You will see visible differences in your traffic and conversion rates. Most companies are doing it. It is about time; you also use SEO to boost your online presence!