10 Tips for Local Site Optimization

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Once you have completed your local keyword research, we will work with you to develop a content strategy that centres on local SEO so that your local SEO rankings improve. We’ve pulled together 12 types of local SEO content that we believe you should focus on: 

  1. Area-specific pages – Your Call To Actions (CTRs) should lead to specific landing pages. You need pages for each area if you have more than one physical location. For example, suppose you have two computer service repair shops, one in Coleraine and one in Belfast. In that case, you should have two service pages that lead to the landing pages, one for Belfast and one for Coleraine focused on those specific locations. Make sure that all of your landing pages are city/town-specific.
  2. Consistent NAP listings – Your NAP (name, address, and phone number) details should be on all website pages, but most importantly, on your Contact page and your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages. You should also submit your NAP listings to local directory sites.
  3. Local-based blog content – Create blog posts focused on the local subject matter. This could be a blog post on what kind of roof problems someone living in Belfast is likely to experience if you’re running a roof replacement company in Belfast. However, keep it relevant. There’s unlikely much need for roof damage caused by tornadoes in Belfast.
  4. Local press releases – Press releases are a fantastic way to increase awareness of events such as new product launches, new services or special sales. In addition, Press Releases can help with local SEO as well. It would be best if you used relevant local keywords where appropriate in your release in areas such as the main body and the title.
  5. Local guest blogs – You could reach out to other businesses within your complementary industries to see if you can write guest posts for their blog. Doing this can help build local backlinks, which will also improve your local SEO.
  6. FAQ Pages – Possibly the simplest ways to create content for your site (see this site as an example). You can link the FAQs to more extensive articles or media, such as videos providing more information. 
  7. Video Content – Statistics show that video is one area to invest in to increase online visibility, so start maximizing your local SEO by adding video content to your blog or uploading them on YouTube. And if you don’t know what to create, why not start by repurposing your blog content? 
  8. Customer Case Studies and Interviews – This simple but highly effective way to create content is customer stories. Gather the testimonials you already have and put them on your site. Even better would be to expand them with the story details and proof that show your service or product is a success. 
  9. Reviews/ Recommendation Post – If you are doing your keyword research well, you have no doubt come across many search queries looking for reviews. So why not create a content page reviewing products? An example would be best of or Your Product Vs Competitor As Product.
  10. Social Media Content – Social media can be a brilliant way to engage followers and drive website traffic. That’s why to engage your local audience further, it’s best to create social media posts that are relevant locally to help promote your website and content.