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SEONI offers social media marketing packages to suit all your engagement and promotional needs. From social ad campaigns to organic strategies, small businesses count on SEONI’s data-driven approach to social media success.

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SEONI manages organic posting and social ads anywhere from one to four channels using a tiered system and provides strategists dedicated to driving user engagement, expanding reach and influence, and participating in-network interactions.


Social Media Marketing & Strategy

Social media campaigns can serve many crucial functions in your companies marketing strategy, from relationship-building and brand awareness to targeted audience engagement and lead generation.


SEONI provides several social media management packages to suit your businesses specific requirements, led by a dedicated specialist. Based on the package of your choice, your strategist will manage your content on one (bronze), two (silver), three (gold) or four (platinum) social media networks.

Your specialist also acts as a social media manager working to:

  • Increase followers.
  • Drive traffic to your website through social media platforms.
  • Optimize content curation.
  • Post regularly.
  • Participate in compelling conversations to enrich your social media presence.
  • Manage influencer relations with thought leaders in your industry.
  • Help maintain optimal settings for your social media accounts.


Specialists provide monthly metric reports, with data on your current strategy’s effectiveness and the steps needed to improve that strategy further. These reports will also enable you to become more familiar with social media marketing best practices and learn about the latest industry insights. 

Additional Social Media Options

You can choose for SEO NI social media specialists to post content on your behalf as part of an à la carte option separate from regular channel management. 

In addition to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest one-off posts, we can help with YouTube uploads and create custom Snapchat geofilters and post-specific images.

If your audience lives on social media, SEONI offers live posting for breaking news and event coverage, either in-person or remotely. We can also supplement live posting with live blogging or real-time updates via other social media channels.

Social media specialists can also manage and create contests on the social networks of your choice for added brand promotion and lead generation.

All à la carte options came with detailed performance reporting and suggested future campaign ideation and iteration.


Social Media Advertising

Targeted advertising across major social networks is a highly effective strategy for generating leads, driving conversions and engaging audiences. 

SEO Northern Irelands social media specialists can create and manage all social ad campaigns on your behalf. 

Each campaign includes an in-depth report from across your platforms and can feature custom imagery.

Social Media Consulting

Your social media consultant will use competitor and social listening to discover insights regarding trending topics in your industry. We can then use this information to craft valuable, relevant digital marketing content to share with your channel’s followers. 

Social listening also allows specialists to identify and assess your company’s reputation and services and products across multiple social media channels. 

Social media specialists can respond and interact with your target audience based on your brand guidelines and objectives.

You can also have your strategist join active social communities relevant to your industry on platforms such as LinkedIn. 

Strategists will engage influential community members to organically grow your list of followers, expand your social media reach and help bring you one step closer to achieving your business goals.


Choose your plan

Choose a Package That Best Suits Your Needs & The Needs Of Your Business


£ 247 Per Month
  • 5 Unique Posts per week
  • 2 Social Channels
  • Management of Facebook Ads*
  • Detailed Monthly Report


£ 397 Per Month
  • 10 Unique Posts Per Week
  • Upto 3 Social Channels
  • Facebook Ads Management*
  • Boosted Posts
  • Detailed Monthly Report
  • Phone & Email Support


£ POA Per Month
  • 10+ Posts Per Week
  • 3-6 Month Content Plan
  • 5+ Social Channels Managed
  • Monthly Strategy Calls

Other Services



Our setup package is ideal if you want to begin using social media but just don't know where to start. We'll set-up your 3 main social media accounts and fill these with relevant information to help your target audience find you!


Tailored Packages

Sometimes our packages don't fit exactly what you are looking for. There is often more planning involved, or you might require more posts or help with advertising. In this case, we will tailor a package to your needs and provide you with a quotation.


Lead Generation

We offer a lead generation service which is more involved than our packages above. We make use of leading analytics and strategies to guarantee a minimum number of leads per month. We will need to assess your business before working with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers on Social Media Marketing

You can attract customers on Facebook by maintaining an active social footprint. This involves strategically posting and tactically posting. Your strategic posts should be informational, engaging and visually appealing. Your tactical posts can be more informal, fun and feature up-to-date news and ensure your brand is appealing to your demographic.

Facebook is an excellent tool for brand awareness to sales. You can use the platform in so many ways. When done well, using Facebook for your business allows you to reach new audiences, generate leads and increase sales. It is fair to say that unless you have a large, engaged customer base already, you will need a combination of organic posts and ad campaigns to boost your business.

You can promote your products organically through your business page or Facebook Advertising. You can also promote your products through positive customer reviews and recommendations and engaging visual content.

Check the charts so you can see who is responding to the ad in the right way. You can narrow or widen your audience if you don’t think you are reaching the right people. To improve your ad, make sure you keep a close eye on the targeting until you are getting the desired result.

This is an impossible question to answer because it depends on so many variables:

  • your type of business
  • your sector
  • your position within your sector
  • your competition
  • your goals
  • your location
  • your language


Each of these variables is unique to any given business, making it impossible to predict accurately. A better way of approaching this question is:

  1. Set a goal;
  2. Break down that goal into smaller steps;
  3. Benchmark your current performance;
  4. Start regular content marketing;
  5. Measure progress and make incremental improvements;
  6. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 for a period of at least 6 to 12 months.


Needless to say, steps 1 and 2 are actually much harder to define than they first appear. For example: Let’s say your goal is to generate sales enquiries on your website; assuming you have one service, product or package, the first question you need to ask yourself is, “How much is the average value of a sale?”

Typically, a lower amount requires less effort: perhaps you just need a well written product description and a call to action to buy now. A higher average sale value requires that you design a sales process around how you expect customers to behave based on their past buying behaviour. This process needs to be broken down into steps that you can measure.

Our packages are designed to help you define these goals and take steps towards reaching these goals, by helping you create regular, high quality content.

First things first, there’s no doubt that your business should be on social media, regardless of the industry. The purpose behind having a social media presence, however, may differ from one company to another.

As a brand, you need to know where your audience is and start from there. Conveying messages to the wrong crowd will end up in a lot of dissatisfaction for all involved parties.

Bear in mind that some channels are focused on B2B, while others take a B2C approach. The decision depends on the product or service that you’re providing, as well as on your audience.

With that out of the way, the bare minimum includes an account on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. The first two are meant for more light-hearted B2C updates, while the latter is mostly used for HR initiatives and B2B relationships. From here on, you can expand to Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tik Tok or others, depending on who you want to approach and with what purpose.

The answer to this question depends again on what your business makes and what your demographic is. Each social media platform is enticing in its own way, but use the wrong type of content on the wrong audience and you’ll be labeled unprofessional

All platforms support embeddable multimedia content and text descriptions, but on some it’s also acceptable to post text-only updates. Facebook and Twitter also support live video, which is something to keep in mind if your brand has a strong visual identity. Tik Tok and Instagram also put a lot of focus on the visual content, but these two platforms are worth considering only if you take the B2C road. Given the main purpose of LinkedIn, updates unrelated to the professional life will be frowned upon.

In short: no. People follow your brand on different platforms for different reasons. This means that you can’t expect to have the same audience across all platforms. That being said, unifying the audience is something you can achieve through storytelling. Brands focusing on visual content don’t necessarily have to rely only on one of the two platforms. Instead, they could start a story by posting the “making of” on Tik Tok and the more polished photos on Instagram.

If you’re having a hard time raising awareness for your products or services, social media advertising might be the best option you have. You shouldn’t rely on this approach every time you post an update, but boosting updates every now and then could have a major impact.

Research conducted by eMarketer at the end of 2015 concluded that 76% of B2C respondents relied on promoted posts and only 61% of these users believed that paid ads are effective. Out of the 74% of those surveyed claimed to use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for their efforts. In addition, 59% of respondents rated these three networks with 4 or 5 out of 5 points for effectiveness.

Things don’t look so good in the B2B department, where less than 50% of social marketers believe paid ads to be effective. To make sure you’re throwing money out of the window, make sure the platform you choose for is the one your ideal audience spends the most time on.

After selecting the right platforms and planning the campaigns, you should decide what metrics to check to determine the ROI. In one of our posts on this topic, we’ve discussed reach, traffic, engagement and conversions on social media, and why each of them is important for measuring return on investment.

Social Media ROI = (Return from social media – the cost of social media marketing) / cost of social media marketing

Using the above formula, you can determine how the results compare to the initial goals. It’s best to look at as many metrics as possible, to ensure that any changes are minor.

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